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Date (Asia/Tokyo)SpeakerTitleLinks
Dec 5 (Tue) 13:00

Registration Open

Dec 5 (Tue) 15:00

Opening Remarks

Dec 5 (Tue) 15:15

Tomomi Sunayama

Subaru PFS Cosmology Program

Dec 5 (Tue) 15:55

Andrew Eberhardt

The classical field approximation in ULDM

Dec 5 (Tue) 16:35

Yuichiro Tada

The Present & Future of Primordial Black Holes as Dark Matter

Dec 5 (Tue) 17:15

Coffee Break

Dec 5 (Tue) 17:45

Shao-Feng Ge

Absorption Dark Matter

Dec 5 (Tue) 18:00

Yoshiki Uchida

Pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone dark matter from non-Abelian gauge symmetry

Dec 5 (Tue) 18:15

Yuxuan He

Exploring Ultralight Scalar Assistance in Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter: Cold Spectrum and Unusual X/Gamma-ray Signatures

Dec 5 (Tue) 18:30

Shuailiang Ge

Primordial Black Holes, Dark Matter, and Gravitational Waves from QCD axion and axion-like particles

Dec 5 (Tue) 18:45

Edoardo Giangrandi

Numerical simulations of Dark Matter admixed Neutron Stars