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Takafumi Miyamaru 

Estimation of propagation efficiency in X-band circular-polarized dual-frequency focusing system toward μeV wide-mass range ALPs search 


David Jackson 

Self-Interacting Dark Matter from Generalised Proper Time 


Fargiza A. M. Mulki 

Can noncanonical domain walls play the role of halo dark matter on the galactic scale? 


Sven Põder 

A Bayesian estimation of the Milky Way's circular velocity curve using Gaia DR3 


Ryuta Miyata 

Development of Hermetic Liquid Xenon Detector for the DARWIN experiment 


Airi Kodama 

Status of Searches for ALPs via Stimulated Resonant Photon-Photon Scattering in Quasi-Parallel Collision System with Lasers Introducing a Eclipse Filter to Remove Background Photons 


Hinako Taniguchi 

Measurement of Anti-Matter Reaction in LArTPC using Accelerator Beam for GRAMS Experiment 


Muhammad Luthfi Fajrian 

Testing Cold, Fuzzy, and Self-Interacting Dark Matter Models Using Late-Type Galactic Rotation Curves 


Riki Nakajima  

GRAMS Engineering Balloon Flight 


Ken Matsuno 

Thermodynamics of static black holes in effective loop quantum gravity 


Daiki Osafune 

Evolution of the angular momentum of the dark matter subhaloes 


Nina Kunert 

Bayesian inference on dark matter admixed neutron stars with multi-messenger data 


Riddhiman Bhattacharya FRSA 

Quantum Vacuum: A New Perspective on Dark Matter and Dark Energy in Cosmology 


Kensuke Akita 

Constraints on dark matter-neutrino scattering from the Milky-Way satellites and subhalo modeling for dark acoustic oscillations 


Shigenobu Hirose 

DMICA: exploring Dark Matter in natural muscovite MICA 


Takashi Toma 

Simultaneous detection of boosted dark matter and neutrinos from the semi-annihilation at DUNE 


Yoshino Kaminaga 

"Xe purification system in a large-scale dark matter search experiment XENONnT"