The on-site symposium will take place at Kashiwa Library (opens in a new tab) Media Hall of the University of Tokyo, Kashiwanoha Campus (5-1-5, Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba, 277-8584, Japan). Kashiwa is located about 10 km northeast of Tokyo (Chiba Prefecture).

Kashiwa Library

IC Cards for easy transportation

For train and bus transport, most lines (including the local buses in Kashiwa) will accept the Suica or Pasmo (opens in a new tab) IC Cards, which allow payment of fares by tapping a card reader. Either Suica or Pasmo cards can be purchased and recharged at most train stations and at the airport. Some express trains will require the purchase of an additional express fare ticket beyond the base fare, so simply tapping your IC card will not be sufficient. Local Tobu buses from Kashiwa or Kashiwanoha Campus Stations and from/to the airport also accept the IC cards. You simply need to tap the card readers when entering and exiting the bus. You can print a receipt of spent fares (e.g. for reimbursement of individual trips) at any machine where you can recharge the cards.

If you pay by coin, collect a paper slip when entering the bus which specifies your starting bus stop. Use the display at the front of the bus to determine your owed fare when you exit the bus. Payment is made at the front of the bus when exiting.

From the airport

There are two airports that service the Tokyo area, Narita airport and Haneda airport. We do not recommend to take a taxi from the airport to your hotel near Kashiwa campus or the symposium venue. From Haneda airport, taking a direct bus to Kashiwa-no-ha Campus station (about 1.5h trip) is most the convenient way. From Narita Airport, please use a train. You can check the bus timetables here:

or directly ask at the bus information desk at the airport. Please note that there may be buses only once an hour or less. Alternatively, you can take the subway/train through the city center and then Tsukuba express to Kashiwa-no-ha Campus station (operates more frequently and takes about the same time as the direct bus, but requires transferring at least two times):

From Tokyo city center

Please take the Tsukuba express (opens in a new tab) (TX) train to Kashiwa-no-ha Campus station.

From Kashiwa-no-ha Campus Station

The nearest station to Kashiwa campus is the Kashiwa-no-ha Campus station. This station is convenient for those who stay at Mitsui Garden Hotel Kashiwanoha, Hotel Del Prado or Hotel Sunoak Kashiwanoha. Kashiwa Campus is 20 minutes walking distance from the station.

From this station, there is a shuttle bus (opens in a new tab) provided by the University of Tokyo, which is free of charge for visitors.

It is also not difficult to find a public bus transportation from Kashiwa-no-ha Campus station, see the public bus route map around Kashiwa campus (opens in a new tab). Take either #03 or #04 bus from the bus stop #1 at the West Exit of the station and get off at National Cancer Center ("Kokuritsu Gan Senta"). You can also take #10 bus at the same bus stop and get off at Todai-Mae.

From Kashiwa Station

Kashiwa station is convenient for those who stay at Crest Hotel Kashiwa, Kashiwa Plaza Hotel, Sotetsu Fresa Inn Chiba-Kashiwa or other hotels in central Kashiwa. Take either #44 or #01 bus bound for National Cancer Center from the bus stop #2 in front of McDonald, West Exit of JR Kashiwa Station and get off at Todai-Mae or the last stop.

From Sunoak Hotel

You can walk from the Sunoak hotel to IPMU along the Kashiwa-no-ha Park in about 30 min. (see map below) or walk to the Kashiwa-no-ha Campus station (7 min.) and take a bus from there (see above).